Singaporeans feel bored and unfulfilled at work

Two in three Singaporean professionals feel like they're in a loop

Singaporeans feel bored and unfulfilled at work

Two in three Singaporean professionals feel like they’re in a loop, repeating the same tasks daily. They’re drafting emails (50%), scheduling calls and meetings (54%) or inputting data (63%) so much that they said it’s affecting how they’re serving their customers.

After working from home for the past year, majority (71%) of employees are especially tired of that daily list of mundane tasks that they’re hoping their future of work will involve an automation of such repetitive tasks, found UiPath.

“It’s no surprise that employees are looking for ways to feel more engaged at work,” said Tom Clancy, Senior Vice President of Learning, UiPath. “Automation unlocks workers’ productivity, and, more importantly, frees them to focus on meaningful work that is creative, collaborative, and strategic.”

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And workers are looking to enhance their skillsets and do more ‘meaningful work’. About 85% of employees have been making time to learn new skills while working from home. Another two in five said they’ve improved their skillsets since they start working remotely. Majority (76%) of workers said they feel more confident in their ability to do their jobs today than they did at the beginning of the pandemic. This, they attributed to having picked up new skills in the past year (59%).

Many are taking the initiative to upskill due to the changing nature of work: 65% believe that jobs will evolve in the next decade. Taking the opportunity to upskill or reskill thus offers three in four workers some peace of mind over their job security.

Most employees (86%) do however desire to see their companies invest more in tech training, with 82% saying they’re more willing to work in a company that offered training opportunities.

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