A recipe for employee engagement success

If your engagement initiatives need some spicing up, here are three key ingredients to start working on

A recipe for employee engagement success

Creating a workplace culture where employee engagement thrives is no easy task. But with the right ingredients designed to drive innovation and engagement, there are a number of positive business outcomes, including a high-performing culture, stronger rates of attraction and retention, and financial success.

If you find that your employee engagement initiatives could use some spicing up, here are three key ingredients to start working on now.

1. Create a culture club

When it comes to the value of your company culture, it’s difficult to overstate its importance. One great way to keep your culture thriving is to create a culture club, where employees can meet regularly to discuss and implement projects and events.

The club is responsible for helping to achieve a balance between work and play, and it gives employees the opportunity to assume leadership roles by placing them in charge of activities.

Having a culture club is also ideal for getting employees to champion your workplace culture. Start by determining whether your culture is irresistible to your employees with this culture quiz.

2. Establish solid communication

Good communication is critical to driving change, bolstering motivation and fostering a sense of inclusion. Knowing this, it’s important to communicate to employees what your expectations are and how the work that they do positively impacts the company as a whole.

Furthermore, research shows that providing a purpose to work and giving employees the opportunity to work on meaningful projects, make a difference, and connect with others bolsters both engagement and innovation.

3. Demonstrate good leadership

Doing what you say goes a long way. It instils trust in your employees, and it demonstrates your values and those that you esteem in your organization. It’s also important to be visible, as it does no good for employees to feel that most of your time is spent away from the office while they’re running the show.

Good leadership also means motivating your employees with a compelling mission and vision and building a relationship with your employees that creates and instils trust, open dialogue, and full transparency. Learn more about creating a culture where leadership can be effective and thrive through world-class training.


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