The future of interviewing is artificial intelligence

The humble interview process is getting a makeover

The future of interviewing is artificial intelligence

As every part of business continues to evolve to the seismic development in technology thanks to the global pandemic, so too does the humble interview process. A whitepaper published by HRD in partnership with Modern Hire discusses how virtually transforming your hiring process with artificial intelligence (AI) can reduce bias and be a more efficient, effective, engaging, and ethical process. 

Download the full free whitepaper here: Reducing bias in interviews

Pre 1980, job interviews consisted of inconsistent and unscientific questions that resulted in low fairness and poor effectiveness. Luckily for us, the humble interview has made progress over the last 40 years.

As HR practitioners work hard to bring fairness and validity to interviewing, the future of the job interview is turning to the power of artificial intelligence. HR technology company Modern Hire has developed, Automated Interview Creator, a scalable, practical, fair, efficient, and effective way to recruit.

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  • The transformation of the interview
  • Creating a holistic approach to hiring
  • Reducing friction and bias in interview evaluation

Modern Hire’s intelligent hiring platform helps solve the age-old problem of identifying best-fit candidates in a way that is consistent, fast, and most importantly, fair. It is designed to predict success by combining advanced video software, hire assessments, predictive analytics, and validated AI in one ready to implement solution. The program even recommends the ideal interview questions – questions focused on elements that are pivotal to the success of the role.

Investing in Modern Hire’s automated interview creator and scoring system means you’re set to build your most engaged, qualified and diverse workforce ever.

Download the full free whitepaper here: Reducing bias in interviews

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