What Facebook learned from lockdown

Whitepaper: VP of people and growth talks about moving 40,000 employees to remote work – virtually overnight

What Facebook learned from lockdown

If global lockdowns made one thing clear, it’s that people do have the ability to adapt in times of uncertainty. During those times, it’s essential that leaders provide the right support, guidance, and tools to make that adaptation an easier transition for their employees.

This is just one lesson, but there are others to be learned as well. A free whitepaper published by HRD in partnership with Workplace, uncovers the crucial lessons that Facebook learned over the months of lockdown. 

Brynn Harrington, VP of people and growth at Facebook’s parent company, Meta, and Jonny Oser, Meta’s global director of internal communications, share insights into what it was like shifting a 40,000-person company to remote work overnight and what they learned from the experience.

Download the full free whitepaper here: 17 things Facebook learned in lockdown

  1. Decide early and communicate loudly
  2. Think about the impact on the wider community
  3. Lockdown affected people differently
  4. Work-from-home is not remote work
  5. Good remote work means giving people the tools and support they need
  6. Remote work requires a rethink, not a tweak
  7. People are hungry for information
  8. Make company communications more engaging
  9. Lockdown is temporary but changes in behaviour may be permanent
  10. Make remote work part of your talent strategy
  11. Put criteria in place for remote work
  12. The culture comes first
  13. Only people can create culture
  14. Be prepared for hard conversations
  15. Make sure people are requesting remote work for the right reasons
  16. Leverage managers to support internal comms
  17. Find ways to take the pressure off

Download the whitepaper now and gain further insight into:

  • Making bold decisions for employee wellbeing
  • Evaluating the different effects of lockdown on the workforce
  • Setting up engaging remote work communications
  • Building company culture for remote teams

Download the full FREE whitepaper here: 17 things Facebook learned in lockdown

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