Perks or pay? What do Gen Zs really want?

Millennials couldn't be more different than their younger counterparts

Perks or pay? What do Gen Zs really want?

As Gen Zs come of age and increasingly enter the workforce, they have a whole new set of needs and wants when it comes to finding the right employer. An article by HRD’s Coann Labatoria, looks at what you can do to attract a vast talent pool of fresh Gen Z applicants. Gen Zs are born between 1997 and 2012, they were expected to inherit a strong economy, but the Covid-19 pandemic means the generation faces an uncertain future. They have grown up with the constant development of technology and constant flow of content on the internet and have proven resilient at finding new sources of income.

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Gen Zs often get lumped in with their predecessors, millennials (1981 – 1996). Despite similarities like both growing up with the internet and social media there are differences especially in workplace behaviour. Millennials are optimistic when making decisions, but Gen Z is realistic and cautious. Gen Z has a shorter attention span than millennials, but Gen Z is far more resourceful and tech-savvy.

Listed below are a few ways to attract and retain Gen Z job applicants:

  1. Transparent leaders and communication on all levels

Leaders being open on what they need from Gen Z employees help set clear goals and lessens any confusion or miscommunication.

  1. A diverse and inclusive workplace

Gen Zs have grown up in a diverse world and learned the importance of inclusivity early and they expect their employers to hold the same principles on diversity as them.

  1. Proper work-life balance

Gen Z’s crave work-life balance – a recent survey found a third of them have time off for stress and anxiety. Cultivate a workplace culture that is mindful of employees’ workloads and deadlines.

  1. Career growth, development, and job stability

Gen Z doesn’t care much about job titles, instead they place importance on learning new skills and expanding their knowledge.

  1. Benefits and perks

Gen Zs are looking for perks that help them outside of work. Help with student loans, or lifestyle perks like gym memberships, or additional paid leave go a long way with millennials.

While this all seems demanding, catering to what Gen Zs want is a good investment to stay competitive. As Gen Z gets older and fills more job roles these preferences will become normalised.

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