European nations dominate list of top countries for remote work

What is the best country for remote employees?

European nations dominate list of top countries for remote work

European countries lead the rest of the world in terms of remote work as they dominate NordLayer's list of best destinations.

NordLayer's Global Remote Work Index 2023 took into account the cybersecurity, economics, infrastructure, and social safety of 108 countries to qualify as top remote work destinations.

Landing on top of the list is Denmark, which excelled in digital and physical infrastructure as well as social safety.

"Despite a high cost of living (94th) and pricey internet (42nd), Denmark thrives in social inclusiveness (6th), internet quality (7th), e-infrastructure (7th), e-government (5th), and healthcare (3rd), making it a prime location for remote work," the report read.

The Netherlands came in second after excelling in social safety, and for ranking high in digital and physical infrastructure, economic safety, as well as cyber safety.

Germany came in third after standing out in cyber and economic safety.

"Despite lower ranks in overall safety (33rd) and digital and physical infrastructure (22nd), its affordability in internet service (1st) balances the score," the report said.

The full list includes:

  1. Denmark
  2. Netherlands
  3. Germany
  4. Spain
  5. Sweden
  6. Portugal
  7. Estonia
  8. Lithuania
  9. Ireland
  10. Slovakia

"Europe's northern regions lead in the top 10 GRWI 2023 rankings, with Germany, Spain, and Portugal in the 3rd, 4th, and 6th spots," the report said. "Furthermore, most of the top half consists of European nations, except for Montenegro (74th) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (83rd)."

Other top remote work countries

For other regions, Morocco (48th) was named the best place for remote work among African countries.

In Asia, the clear frontrunners were South Korea (17th), Japan (22nd), and Singapore (28th).

In North America, Canada (14th) and the United States (16th) placed within the top 20, while Mexico lagged at 62nd.

Costa Rica led Central America after placing 54th, while Uruguay was the best country for remote work in South America at 43rd place.

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