What's the top driver for employee happiness?

Global survey highlights need for 'comprehensive benefits strategy'

What's the top driver for employee happiness?

Having close relationships with other people has emerged as the top pillar for employee happiness this 2024, according to a new survey from Wondr Health.

The survey, which had nearly 500 respondents around the world, found that human connections, including spending time with family, bring employees the most happiness (30.1%).

The findings reflect employees' growing demand for work-life balance, where they try to put more focus on their life outside of their jobs. Other factors impacting employees' happiness include:

  • Physical and emotional health and well-being (21.5%)
  • Engaging in activities that spark joy (16.8%)
  • Financial freedom (12%)
  • Helping others in need (11.2%)
  • Career satisfaction and fulfillment (7.9%)

Need for comprehensive benefit strategy

Tim Church, chief medical officer at Wondr Health, said their findings underscore the need for a "comprehensive benefits strategy for overall health."

"By providing employees with skills and tools that improve their quality of life and physical and emotional health, employers can help cultivate happiness among their population to ultimately engage employees, boost performance, and enhance job satisfaction and retention," Church said in a media release.

The Josh Bersin Company previously called on employers to implement a "systemic rewards" approach in their pay and benefits strategies.

Research from the organisation last year revealed that a systemic approach to pay and benefits include:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Generous benefits
  • Health and wellbeing support
  • Flexibility, career, and purpose
  • Pay equity

"A new way is needed, 'Systemic Rewards' — a new pay paradigm that balances pay equity and pay for performance, pays fairly, personalizes the employee's options available, and reinvests benefits dollars to focus more on flexibility, career, and recognition," Josh Bersin, global industry analyst and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company, previously said.

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