This is how COVID-19 has affected Gen Z and millennials

How will 2020’s challenges impact ASEAN youths?

This is how COVID-19 has affected Gen Z and millennials

Gen Z and millennials across ASEAN are displaying strong growth mindsets amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a recent survey of 70,000 youths.

The study found that three in four youths demonstrated resilience and adaptability during the crisis.

Some built up their ‘pandemic preparedness’ (48%) and some picked up new skills (41%), while others created new sources of income (31%).

The survey by Sea, published in partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF), found that Gen Zs and millennials (aged 16 to 35) responded differently to the crisis, depending on their professional status.

Young employees were more likely to develop ‘pandemic resistance’. Students were more likely to adopt new skills, and entrepreneurs worked on developing new business models to expand their sources of income.

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Greatest barriers
Regardless of which group they belonged to, many agreed on the biggest challenge of 2020: digital literacy.

The top ‘binding’ constraints on remote working or studying were the shortage of digital skills (84%) and a lack of access to affordable and quality internet connection (79%).

Almost one in five (19%) of respondents also reported lack of funding as a key barrier. Among them, gig economy workers (24%) and entrepreneurs (23%) faced the greatest funding challenges.

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So how can you better support your workers through the prolonged pandemic? One senior HR leader told HRD that the best way to support young employees is simply this: ask.

Weve found that millennials, overall, are more vocal in expressing their wants and needs – because of this, they tend to become champions and advocates for these issues,” she told HRD.

From research and experience, she found that millennials are looking for three keys things from their employer – great environments, great careers and great rewards.

To ensure were delivering in these areas, we regularly ask our team members for feedback,” she said.

Whether through pulse surveys or the like, employee feedback have been vital in helping her team tweak policies or programs.

As with all generations, it is important to communicate with employees on the channels they feel comfortable using,” she said. Technology is a given when engaging with millennials.”

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