These are your 'happiest' workers, according to science

A shocking amount of staff admit to 'hating' their current job

These are your 'happiest' workers, according to science

Millennials emerged as the happiest and most fulfilled workers in a recent survey from GoodHire – with Gen Zs being labelled the unhappiest. The research surveyed full-time employees from varying "working generations," namely Generation Z (18-24), Millennials (25-40), Generation X (41-56), and Baby Boomers (57-75). Overall, 48% of those surveyed said they’re very happy at work. Among the working generations, Millennials were the happiest with 57%. Gen X came next with 52%, and then Boomers and Gen Zs came after with 41% each.

On the other hand, the generation who said they’re the unhappiest were found to be Gen Zs with 22% saying they hate their work. Boomers came next with 19%, Gen X came after 16%, and then Millennials with 12%. What makes them unhappy? The Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z all said they are most bothered by their bosses, while Baby Boomers were most bothered by insufficient pay.

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With remote work on the rise throughout the pandemic, 68% of Millennials said they’re happier in this new setup. Fifty-eight percent of Gen X workers said they’re happier, 50% of Gen Z said reported this change, while only 37% of Boomers recorded this. Meanwhile, the generation who said they find their jobs fulfilling are Millennial workers at 60% happiness score. They added that they feel the best about their "why of work," saying they find great meaning and purpose on the job.  The Gen X followed with 51%, then by boomers with 44%, and Gen Z with 41%.

On other topics, majority of the surveyed workers said they prefer a four-day work week, with 90% of Millennials pushing for this. Gen X came next with 86%, the Boomers with 81%, and Gen Z with 76%. GoodHire's survey sought the responses of 4,000 workers, equally divided into the four working generations.

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