These are Singapore’s top emerging jobs in 2018

How many of these coveted employees do you have in your company?

These are Singapore’s top emerging jobs in 2018

The emerging job market in Singapore is booming, with digital skills in high demand and soft skills clinging on to their importance.

A recent report from LinkedIn analyzed millions of unique, user-input job titles from the last five years. The statistics show that whilst the top emerging roles where indeed based around technology, a lot of them actually require the employee to have developed communication techniques.

“Our Emerging Jobs Report highlights the reality that new jobs are emerging more rapidly than at any other time in history,” explained Feon Ang, VP of talent and learning solutions for APAC at LinkedIn.

“Traditional roles have evolved into hybrids that did not exist five years ago. While it’s no surprise that the top emerging jobs for Singapore are all related to technology, many of them require management and communications skills making them hybrids of new and traditional roles – such as user experience designer.”

The top five emerging jobs for 2018 are;

1. Data Scientist

2. Cyber Security Specialist

3. User Experience Designer

4. Head of Digital

5. Content Specialist

Out of the talent that migrated to Singapore, over 20% of data scientists are from India, followed by France at about 14%.

“Digital competence, as we now know, is composed by a blend of hard and soft skills,” continued Ang. “This competition for talent will only grow fiercer, so organisations need to build an adaptable workforce. Real-time understanding of the demand and supply of skills, talent pools and talent movement is the first step towards building talent intelligence at scale.” 


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