MOM puts construction sector under mandatory quarantine

The measure will affect work permit and S pass holders

MOM puts construction sector under mandatory quarantine

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has implemented a precautionary stay-home notice for work permit and S pass holders in the construction sector for the duration of Singapore’s Circuit Breaker.

This means that all workers, including their ‘dependents’ or families based here, will be on quarantine from 20 April to 4 May.

According to MOM, the move aims to combat the recent rise in COVID-19 infections within the sector and avoid further interactions between individuals.

“The stay-home notice applies to all workers and their dependents in any place of accommodation, or any place which is converted into a place of accommodation on a temporary basis, or otherwise,” said MOM.

They explained that it excludes workers staying in any dormitory gazetted as an isolation area or any foreign employee dormitory, as special arrangements have been made for them.

The measure will not affect employment pass or EP holders, as the ministry has determined that they’re “generally less exposed” to worksites and live in non-communal premises.

“MOM is implementing this requirement on all workers in the construction sector as the highest number of infected cases have come from this sector and worksite transmissions have been a contributing factor,” said MOM.

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“Employers who have workers affected by the stay-home notice are required to make arrangements for these workers during the period, including the provision of food and to take care of their well-being. The workers are advised to immediately consult a doctor if they are unwell.”

Advisory for employers
MOM offered guidelines for employers to manage their workforce during the period:

  • Employers are required to check on the health of their employees daily for reporting to the Building and Construction Authority (BCA)
  • Employers should advise their workers to seek medical attention promptly if they display any symptoms, such as cough or runny nose
  • Employers are required to ensure that the addresses and mobile numbers of their employees registered with MOM are up-to-date for enforcement purposes

During the quarantine period, MOM enforcement officers will conduct regular checks on the workers to ensure compliance with the measure.

MOM clarified that employers may seek exemption from BCA to allow employees to carry out essential services. The approval of which will be up to BCA’s discretion.

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