Mature workers rely on employers for career support

At least 90% of older workers in Singapore feel that they need more support from employers and HR

Mature workers rely on employers for career support

At least 90% of Singaporeans believe that mature employees need extra support from employers and HR departments, according to a survey conducted by Randstad.

The survey found that older workers rely on employers to provide training programs to equip them with up to date skills.

In fact, 92.4% of mature workers in Singapore strongly believe that they will only stay in the workforce with employer support.  

The figures are similar in Hong Kong, with 81.7% relying on the government’s efforts and 85.4% on employers to support their employability as they age.

“With an ageing workforce, organisations that provide age-friendly workplace initiatives will benefit from increased workplace productivity and reduced turnover rates,” said Natellie Sun, managing director of Randstad Hong Kong.

Similar across all markets, employees between the ages of 35 and 54 have higher expectations of their government and employers and feel that it is their responsibility to keep mature workers in the workforce longer.

Sun added however that employees must make the personal effort to immerse themselves in lifelong learning opportunities through courses provided by the government, employers or independent institutions.

Employees in Malaysia, on the other hand, ranked the lowest across the region in terms of their expectations. Only seven in 10 believe that the government and employers should support their employability as they age.

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