Fun Friday: Awkward corporate email faux pas

You’ve got mail! How would you like to respond to [email protected]?

Fun Friday: Awkward corporate email faux pas

There was a time when many predicted the death of email as a form of office communication. Yet the corporate world’s still relying on all the back-and-forths to do everything from build business relationships, set meetings, to sharing crucial information – and heaps more.

As email faux pas go, the one that takes the cake might be silly, unprofessional email addresses, considering how it’s the first thing people notice.

Additionally, an odd and unfamiliar address might deter people from replying, whether it’s for cybersecurity reasons or as a form of prioritising an overflowing inbox. It's best to check that your "auto-generated" work email doesn't look or sound weird – sometimes shortened first and last names doesn't work in your favour.

But even before getting a company email, recruiters and career coaches have reported getting mail from inappropriate and sometimes quite embarrassing email addresses, like 'hotgurrl89' or 'partydude61'.

Don't think that's a mistake that only inexperienced jobseekers make. While you flip from your work and personal emails even outside of official office hours, all it takes is a click of the 'send' button before you realise you used your 'purpleduck182' email to reply about your meeting with that important client – and CC-ed your boss to boot.

If by chance the odd email address doesn’t throw off the receiver and he/she still opens it, there are many more faux pas that every professional should avoid. We’ve compiled five of the worst to keep aware of and avoid any awkward or downright awful exchanges.

  1. Sending the wrong attachment
  2. Hitting ‘Reply All’ in group emails
  3. Missing or using an inappropriate subject line
  4. Marking run-of-the-mill regular email as ‘URGENT’
  5. Inappropriate use of CC and BCC

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