Employers seek vaccinated applicants in job postings: study

Ladders Inc. CEO Marc Cenedella said this is "just the tip of the iceberg."

Employers seek vaccinated applicants in job postings: study

More high-paying employers across the United States and Canada now including COVID-19 vaccination as a requirement in their job postings, a new study has revealed.

The research, which involved a review of 3.8 million high-paying career job ads in the US and Canada over the past two years, revealed an increase of 5,000% in job posts listing vaccination since January.

This is a surge from the 54 high-paying jobs ads in November 2020 that required vaccinations, and all of them referred to influenza. This year, however, all of the posted jobs required vaccination against COVID-19 or the coronavirus.

The chief of Ladders Inc., which conducted the research, said in a statement that the trend is also expanding to all industries and from small to large businesses.

"In the past, it was mostly healthcare jobs that had required vaccines. Now, we are seeing this trend across all industries from small businesses to large corporations," said Marc Cenedella.

The CEO further described the phenomenon as "just the tip of the iceberg" of a massive trend.

"The fact that any job postings mention a vaccine mandate is astounding," said Marc Cenedella in a statement. "Employment requirements and preconditions are normally included in employee handbooks, not on job listings. Plus, we know that not every employer mandating vaccination includes that in the job description. So, this is truly just the tip of the iceberg. It's the beginning of a massive trend."

According to Cenedella, he is expecting the figures to further grow during the fall and winter, as more vaccines receive full approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

"As this trend grows, I expect to see COVID vaccination requirements become standard practice for high-paying jobs in the US & Canada," he also said.

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