Vengeful employee goes to town with caustic cleaning liquid

by 08 Feb 2013

Disgruntled employee Edward Sobolewski found an unusual way to get back at his employers for denying him a pay raise.

During his time as a credit controller at market research company Frost and Sullivan, Sobolewski routinely sabotaged the computer systems at the office by spraying caustic cleaning liquids on them, causing £32,000 (NZ$60,000) worth of damage altogether, The Telegraph reported.

Sobolewski plotted his attacks over a span of three years from 2009 to 2012, spraying and pouring the cleaning liquid into computer grills.

With his denial of a pay increase and also a difficult workload to manage, Sobolewski was depressed but did not seek help. The loss of his girlfriend in 2011 reportedly catalysed the frustration and anger he felt towards the pay increase and workload.

Eventually, he was caught by CCTV cameras installed by his employers, and admitted to his crime.

Sobolewski was sentenced to eight months in prison and ordered to pay £10,000 (NZ$18,800) to Frost and Sullivan.