Trying to embarrass your boss? You just got served

by Cameron Edmond01 Nov 2013

It is easy to make assumptions about your co-workers. As we all know, work is only part of our lives and part of who we are – when you only see someone in slacks and ties talking about KPIs all the time, you can’t be blamed for not thinking of them as a dancing superstar.

So it was with great glee that Charles Matthews of Alabama-based Eastern Shore Hyundai dealership pulled out his phone to film his sales manager, Joe Barzelay, make a fool of himself.

After some local street dancers helped the dealership with their new commercial, Barzelay walked over to them and said “Let me show you what I used to do in the day”.

"At that point, I pulled out my phone, because I was expecting something bad," Matthews told "We had no idea he was going to break out and do what he did that day."

We’ll let you be the judge as to whether or not Barzelay took Matthews to school on this one or not…