Taking the garage start-up to a whole new level

by Cameron Edmond16 Aug 2013

LA-based start-up Enplug has gone beyond the usual garage-run start-up route and moved all employees into one house to work and live.

Developers are free to work at any time, day or night in their shared home-office, Business Insider reported.

The house’s garage is used primarily for more quiet work, while the living room provides a nice layout for company meetings. Car washing is a team building activity, with the company’s displays decorating the home as coders sit with their feet up on lounges coding away or playing X-Box.

Nanxi Liu, Enplug CEO and co-founder, admits the setup is a little “cultish”, but that it is primarily fun.

Workers can set their own hours entirely, meaning there is no pressure to get up early if working later suits them. While the lack of privacy might be an issue, two employees (who, coincidently, are married) said the free food and rent was well worth the trade-off.