Strong as a bear, fast as a train: Bar receives impassioned cover letter

by Caitlin Nobes15 Feb 2013

Poor grammar is frequently cited as a reason to discard a job application, but the enthusiasm and emotion in a cover letter dropped off at a Toronto bar made it worth a second look.

Posted to content-sharing site Reddit by a bar employee under the headline “We were all willing to cut our hours just to hire this guy”, the letter was reportedly left at a bar in Toronto.

The letter writer, from South Korea, said customer service was the best work of his life and said he would work without pay if necessary. Where it is customary to describe past experience and relevant skills, the job applicant writes: “I have brave fight to wild bear. I have strong arm lift to wild bear. I am so fast more than train.”

While it doesn’t sound like there is a position for him at this particular bar, his energy, attitude and willingness to compromise on pay might seem like a good deal to some.

“Unfortunately there was literally no position for him. My co-workers and I seriously considered calling him up just to take him out for drinks, though,” the poster said, also quipping: “He's in the right country for bear fighting."