Caitlin Nobes

Caitlin Nobes
Caitlin used to write for various Key Media publications which includes HC Online. 

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Lighter side: Welcome to the hamster race

Sitting, standing, transforming, treadmill... the past few years have seen a lot of desk adaptations, but at least one office has embraced running in one spot.

Lighter side: Jobs that only exist in one place

Traffic zebras and professional carpoolers – if you fancy one of these unique jobs, you'll most likely have to move to another country.

Motivating employees by animal instinct

There are two kinds of people in the world…cats and dogs?

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Not to be left out of current hiring trends, the mob is jumping on the social media bandwagon to recruit new members.

Man accused of workplace shooting entitled to severance?

A former mill worker charged with murder after a mass shooting may be entitled to a severance package from his former employer.

Starbucks makes quick change to shift policy after news article

Starbucks’ reaction to a critical news story on one employee’s experience holds lessons for HR at all levels.

Lighter side: World’s weirdest job titles

What’s in a name? Quite a lot if you’re an S&M coordinator or an expert upsetter.

Lighter side: Back to work on 101st birthday

Employee tenure is one of the best predictors for workplace satisfaction, but how long is too long? One centenarian is still heading to the office every day.

Going it alone: How to make the move

So you’ve decided you want to be a consultant. Now what? Two HR pros who made the leap of faith give HRM their top tips.

Flexible work bias…towards men?

Is HR more likely to accept men’s reasons for needing to change their regular work hours?