Putting a stop to workplace crooks

by Cameron Edmond25 Oct 2013

We’ve all had it happen: You go out and buy a sandwich with just the right bread, just the right toppings – or maybe you cook yourself a nice green curry the night before, just the way you like it – and take it to work. But it can’t sit in your draw all day until lunch time, so you pop it in the fridge.

Then lunchtime comes around. Your stomach is grumbling and all you can think about is that delicious meal you have sitting there waiting – just for you.

But all wasn’t meant to be, and as you open the fridge you notice someone has nabbed your food. A sticky-fingered colleague has decided that what’s yours is theirs (and what’s theirs is probably also theirs).

It isn’t a fun feeling, especially if you brought that food especially because you don’t have time to line-up and buy something else that day.

Well, one US man decided enough was enough.

An employee at Food Corporation Wakefern dialled 911 when he noticed his Jell-o brand snack had been stolen from the refrigerator, CBS reported.

The 39-year-old whistle-blower might not be joining the ranks of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden anytime soon, but he was spurred on because this wasn’t the first time his food had been stolen.

Police commented that the incident remains under investigation.

We’ll be bringing you live updates as they happen (just kidding).