New Jersey teacher fired for urinating in class

by Caitlin Nobes26 Apr 2013

Sometimes a case for termination has to be built slowly, looking at the pros and cons for each side… In other cases it’s obvious there is no other action to be taken.

Elementary school teacher Ron Tuitt has been teaching for more than 15 years, but was fired this month for “insubordination and inappropriate behaviour”.

The behaviour in question included:

  • Urinating in a classroom rubbish bin
  • Multiple occasions of urinating in a plastic bottle and asking students to take his waste to the bathroom and flush it
  • Letting students sit in his motorised wheelchair

Tuitt denied some charges, but told police that he did once urinate in a trash can when he had a urinary tract infection. He said a lack of accommodation for his illness made his actions necessary, however State Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf said changes to accommodations were not an excuse for his behaviour.