My little resume: Another bizarre recruitment tale

by Cameron Edmond06 Sep 2013

A computer science and mathematics graduate decided to take a different spin on the traditional resume, theming it around his love of the children’s show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

The resume, entitled “My little resume”, includes a short summary of “Joseph”, with a fairly impressive – although rather messy – layout including his accomplishments in developing online tools, IBM internship, and work in academia.

The resume has had mixed responses since appearing on Dorkly, and is littered with pictures of characters from the show branded with company logos, with a “Pony Stats” section detailing the computing languages the candidate is skilled in.

Other features include the entire piece being written in the third person, and references to “everypony” and “galloping”, finally closing with “The adventure is far from over… what will this little pony do next, who knows??”