Letting it all hang out: Teleworkers in the nude

by Cameron Edmond22 Nov 2013
Friday 6 December is, for members of micro-business community Flying Solo, a day to celebrate. Casual attire? Try no attire, for that is the freedom offered to those who telework.
After 500-odd Australians who work from home took part last year, Work in the Nude Day returns this year as an annual reminder for home-office workers to take full advantage of their work from home freedom.
Robert Gerrish, founder and director of Flying Solo, stated that although not all participating workers will do so nude, the spirit is in the celebration that if they wanted to they could.
"Of the million-plus solo and micro business owners in Australia, research of our community shows over 75% are based at home. Work in the Nude Day is symbolic of the greater freedoms available to each of us," he explained.
Flying Solo also provided HC with a link to snaps of last year’s participants, but we haven’t looked at them, as they were dubbed TSFWAH – “Totally safe for work…at home!”


  • by Anonymous 22/11/2013 3:18:59 PM

    Just make sure you don't answer that knock at the front door!