Job applications: Don’t make a Spiel-berg of them

by Cameron Edmond14 Jun 2013

As most HR managers know, some applicants like to get creative with the way they apply for positions. A witty cover letter or an inventive way of delivering a portfolio might be commonplace these days, but one aspiring film-maker decided to take this to another level.

Student Christopher Woodring didn’t get the call he was hoping for after sending his resume to DreamWorks Studios for a post-production assistant’s position. Instead of giving up, Woodring decided to make the production company a video.

The video, which can be seen here, features Woodring addressing DreamWorks saying he forgot to include his references on his resume, then says he has the best referee possible with him, before cutting to an interview clip of DreamWorks co-founder Stephen Spielberg.

Through the magic of video editing, Woodring pieced together a humorous exchange between himself and Spielberg who, it seems, can’t fault Woodring, thinks he has wonderful eyes and even says he will cry if Woodring doesn’t come to work at DreamWorks.

While Woodring claims his video resulted in a blacklisting from DreamWorks, an employee of the company, commenting on the video through website reddit, insisted that wasn’t so. Woodring responded saying although he simply received a “slap on the wrist” over the phone for the video, DreamWorks contacted his college and said he would not be finding employment at DreamWorks – now or ever.

Whether the reaction from DreamWorks happened or not, the video highlights how job-seekers are getting more creative to stand out from the crowd.

Tell us about some of the unconventional applications you have had.