HR in Santa’s workshop

by Cameron Edmond20 Dec 2013
While most companies are winding down this time of year, there is one where business must be booming: Santa’s Workshop.

With only a few days to go, you can bet your Christmas stockings that Santa’s elves are merrily working away, feeding the reindeer, quality-checking the coal and filling the last few outlandish orders as their annual deadline looms overhead.

In light of this, we here at HC pondered what it must be like working for Santa, and came up with a few pros and cons we think might apply:

Con: You never get Christmas off
Everyone is taking a break and partying while you are working away. Being one of Santa’s elves means you work over the Christmas season while all of your friends with corporate jobs are out partying!

Pro: Plenty of holiday time
Assuming that elves are employed on a full-time or part-time basis, there must be plenty of leave throughout the year. Sure, there are a lot of orders to fill so you can imagine they get stuck into it pretty early, but the lists mustn’t start rolling in until about August at least, right? Maybe the majority of elves are contract workers who spend the rest of the year appearing as extras in video games and fantasy movies.

Con: A pretty crazy commute!
Santa’s workshop is in the North Pole! I find it hard to believe that all the elves live there. Maybe a few, but for the most part I’m thinking it is a FIFO situation. Even still, can’t imagine there is anywhere to get a coffee or a bacon & egg roll when you fly in early…

Pro: Traveling around the world
Whether or not the big man does the present drop by himself I’m not sure, but we’ve all seen plenty of elves out with Santa in the lead up to Christmas. Impressively hitting shopping centre after shopping centre, it must be a fair bit of fun to travel around with Santa and get to see the world, even if that world is mainly JB Hi-Fis and Kmarts…

Con: Continual outsourcing
Santa doesn’t make video games. While I’m sure there are still plenty of orders being filled for toy trucks and army men, a lot of kids now days seem to be putting video games, blu-rays and even iPads on their Christmas wish lists, turning the elves’ position into less labour and more admin. Hey, I guess it could work for some…

Pro: You get to work for Santa!
Come on now, can it really be that bad? Santa is one of the most giving fellows out there! And he has magic powers. While you might not get Christmas off, you spend a lot of time travelling and not all the kids want handcrafted toys now days, you get to bring happiness and joy to the faces of kids everywhere come Christmas morning. What’s not to love about that?

Image source: Wikicommons.