Hamburgler: manager holds up own store

by Caitlin Nobes13 Sep 2013

A manager at a McDonald's restaurant in Pleasanton, Calif., apparently took his pay dispute into his own hands, robbing two stores at gunpoint, including his own.

Felix Gonzalez-Becerra, 42, did a takeover robbery at his own restaurant - ushering workers into a freezer at gunpoint. He got away with it the first time but was nabbed five days later after pulling a similar heist at a second nearby McDonald's.

Gonzalez-Becerra  allegedly climbed through the drive-through window of the store he managed in the early morning before confronting workers in a mask. He threatened them with a replica handgun and made off with an unspecified amount of money.

No one was hurt in either robbery, but we’re guessing Gonzalez-Becerra can still expect a negative performance review and a poor reference from his manager.