$700,000? That should cover the move…

by Cameron Edmond27 Sep 2013

Moving offices can certainly vary in price. Going down the road? A few boxes in the car should do it. Got a lot of stuff? Maybe a removal truck.

While no helium was involved, Andrew Mackenzie, CEO of BHP Billiton’s move from London to Melbourne is perhaps just as fantastical, if only for the dollars spent.

An organisation known for spoiling their higher-ups, BHP paid Mackenzie $700,000 in “relocation allowance”, a small part of his $13.6m remuneration package.

The money wasn’t going to waste, and was subject to 46.5% tax. Much of it was used to pay the stamp duty on Mackenzie’s new Melbourne home, The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) reported.

''We could move about 1000 of his employees for that,' 'Matthew Windsor of removalist company Man With a Van, told SMH. ''The average cost of a move for an average family in Melbourne, with a two-bedroom place, you would put at around $700 at the top end.''


Does this seem like too much, or is it fair considering the circumstances? How much did your biggest move cost you?