6 wild gift requests from employees

by Cameron Edmond20 Dec 2013
Most employers have been there. Hey, maybe you are there right now: you’ve got to do something for the staff – buy them something – and you just don’t know what. Candy canes? Too juvenile. Bottles of wine? Not everyone drinks!

You could always allow your employees to figure it out themselves. At least, that is what reward and recognition provider Power2Motivate suggests.

The organisation works across over 125 countries, so has seen the full spectrum of what people around the world want from their employer for Christmas. iPads? Scotch? Playstations? Pfft, get real.

Here are six of Power2Motivate’s top weird and wonderful gift requests of 2013:
  • Vietnamese snake venom and heart wine (Singapore)
  • Pots of pure honey (India)
  • Breakfast with orangutans at the zoo (Singapore)
  • Body piercing (New Zealand)
  • Tattoo (Australia)
  • Pole-dancing lessons  (Australia)
What’s the strangest gift request you’ve ever had from an employee? Tell us in the comments.