'The Rainbow Tick is more than just ticking the boxes'

This year, Vodafone's took an innovative approach to supporting LGBTQI+ employees

'The Rainbow Tick is more than just ticking the boxes'

Vodafone New Zealand has been recertified with the Rainbow Tick for another year. This is the organisation’s third year with the certification.

The Rainbow Tick is awarded to organisations that successfully demonstrate it is supportive, inclusive and encouraging of the rainbow community.

Chris Kolston, Vodafone’s Rainbow Whānau Lead, said this year was all about “continuous support”.

“For our recertification, we completed an internal audit on our policies and processes which included engaging self-identifying focus groups for the Rainbow Tick to gauge our support of our LGBTQI+ employees – a test which we’re pleased to have passed.

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“We had honest, safe and enlightening discussions about how we see the professional and interpersonal environment within Vodafone, specifically on matters of inclusion and acceptance for our LGBTQI+ members.”

This year, Vodafone’s Rainbow Whānau took an innovative approach using the Agile methodology, a popular project management process in tech companies, to deliver numerous internal and external initiatives.

This included Winter Pride, the Global Pride Webinar, Pronoun Awareness lunch & learn sessions, Wellington Pride Youth Ball, and many more.

“The Rainbow Tick is more than just ticking the boxes, it’s in place to ensure we’re continuously providing a supportive environment for our LGBTQI+ colleagues, and taking meaningful action to do so.” Kolston said.

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Vodafone’s Rainbow Whānau started in 2015 and runs Vodafone’s LGBTQI+ activities with support from the executive team and other stakeholders across the business.

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