'Individuality is a strength that should be welcomed'

What it's like for trans and non-binary people going through the recruitment process?

'Individuality is a strength that should be welcomed'

The unemployment rate among this trans and non-binary people in New Zealand was more than double the general population, according to a recent report evaluating the health and wellbeing of that group.

Moreover, over a quarter of respondents reported that they suspect their gender expression or appearance made it harder to get paid work.

However, a 2014 study of LGBT strengths suggested that through adversity and life experience, members of the rainbow community tend to develop stronger skills in the areas of social and emotional intelligence - another study cited resilience as being a strength. They’re skills generally considered valuable in any working environment.

Building on the message from 2019 about conversations with family being the first step to understanding, this year Spark and OUTLine are extending that message into the workplace.

They have released a new film focusing on recruitment of those within the LGBTQIA+ community and a key reminder for employers that “individuality is a strength that should be welcomed”, according to Spark.

OUTLine is a national charity that offers a free support line for members of the LGBTQIA+ community and their friends and family, and have been a partner of Spark for over two years now.

Spark has created the new documentary-style video that touches on what it’s like for trans and non-binary people going through the recruitment process.

 It’s about not only affirming that OUTLine is here to support them, but also that resources for employers seeking to foster more inclusive workplaces are available.

OUTLine General Manager Claire Black said that it was important for OUTLine to extend its support of the rainbow community by using its knowledge to encourage and support other organisations on their journey to creating truly inclusive workplaces.

“With resources available on our website, we’re looking to help enhance the level of understanding employers have of trans and non-binary people so that they can then better support their employees,” said Black.

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