How and why to create a robust diversity and inclusion strategy

Diversity leaders discuss the opportunity to create dramatic social influence by creating diverse and inclusive workplaces

How and why to create a robust diversity and inclusion strategy

The time to develop a robust diversity and inclusion strategy is now! A free whitepaper published by HRD in partnership with Employment Hero gives insights from leading experts as they delve into the diversity and inclusion strategies of companies that have done diversity and inclusion well, how to create a diversity and inclusion strategy for your organisation and how you can support staff from diverse groups.

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A Glassdoor survey revealed 76% of employees and jobseekers surveyed reported a diverse workforce as an important factor when evaluating job opportunities, a trend that has been increasing year on year.

Movements like Black Lives Matter and #metoo have brought many equality issues to the forefront of our collective consciousness. The impact of a diverse workforce and inclusive leadership goes far beyond the office door. How an organisation structures their workforce, communicates with their employees, and constructs their company cultures can be a driver in changing society-wide inequalities.

The opportunity to have dramatic social influence by creating inclusive workplaces is absolutely a possibility.

A McKinsey report found that diverse companies are now more than ever outperforming their less diverse peers on profitability so if you haven’t already, the time is now to create a robust diversity and inclusion strategy.

The benefits of fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce are mutual for employers and employees alike. Employers will benefit from invaluable diverse thinking, more opportunities for problem solving and accessing larger markets.

Download the report for more insights on:

  • The basic principles of diversity and inclusion
  • The diversity and inclusivity strategy toolkit
  • The Gen Z and Millennial effect
  • The effects of cancel culture
  • Supporting racial equality, gender equality, LGBTQ+, and those with disability

Read the full FREE whitepaper here: Diversity and inclusion

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