What are the benefits of having a Company Reviews page?

by HRD14 Nov 2017
Think jobseekers are not doing their homework when it comes to checking out what company they want to work for? Think again.

Indeed, the vast majority (74%) of the Australian workforce are proactively researching companies in the very early stages of their job search to discover if they’re the right fit for them, according to Kendra Banks, chief commercial officer for SEEK Australia & New Zealand.

Following its launch in 2015, the SEEK Company Reviews website has become a resource for jobseekers to visit and actively use to research companies they’re considering applying to for.

“Jobseekers can access more than 13,000 reviews and ratings via SEEK Company Reviews that are posted anonymously by current and past employees of companies nation-wide,” said Banks.

“After our first 12 months in market, more than 3.1 million jobseekers discovered and used SEEK Company Reviews to help them make better career decisions.

“We’re now the leading destination in Australia that jobseekers go to for reviews and ratings on companies.”

Banks added that the SEEK Company Reviews website is important for hirers for a number of reasons.

“Company Reviews helps hirers gain a real insight into how people have experienced their workplace, which provides them with immediate feedback to help gage if their Employee Value Proposition [EVP] is living up to what they say it is,” said Banks.

“If their EVP is falling down, SEEK Company Reviews can help hirers identify how they can improve. Additionally, SEEK Company Reviews highlights to hirers what employees love about their company, which can be used by hirers to help promote their company to prospective candidates.

“Our SEEK research has also revealed, jobseekers value real reviews and ratings because they’re perceived as authentic relative to promoted company messaging and marketing."

Banks said that if hirers choose to engage with their SEEK Company Reviews page it provides a channel for them to explain and provide context to reviews, as well as highlight positive reviews as a demonstration of the organisations EVP.

Hirers can engage with their SEEK Company Review page through a number of ways:
•    Reading and responding to reviews
•    Learning how their employees are experiencing your company
•    Seeing how their company rates across a number key attributes
•    Identifying, via the ‘Follow’ feature, potential candidates who have signalled an interest in their company

To discover more benefits of having a SEEK Company Reviews page to attract more relevant and informed candidates to your company, please email companyreviews@seek.com.au

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