The new work craze: Post-it note wars

by Tammy Buckley02 May 2014
It may hinder productivity, but the latest craze to come out of the US could help boost staff camaraderie or foster some friendly competition – and all you need is post-its!

Yes, the humble post-it is at the centre of a workplace trend that was sparked by two neighbouring office blocks in San Francisco.

Staff at two buildings situated opposite each other decided to communicate with each other using their windows as a canvas and post-its as the pen.

According to Twitter user Aly, the exchange began when people in an office identified as that of bareMinerals cosmetics wrote “Hi” on their window. From there they moved on to more ambitious projects such as post-it note minions and a game of hangman, according to the SFgate blog.
A dedicated Tumblr, featuring photos of the communication, has dubbed it the city’s “newest social media platform”.

And while judging by the tweets it’s been a source of amusement for those involved, we did spot one post-it note message telling people to get back to work. As mentioned, it’s not a craze for that will boost productivity but surely the creativity, fun and teamwork would outweigh those concerns?


  • by Jo 2/05/2014 1:12:44 PM

    Sounds like some harmless fun, until someone realises what a waste of office and (let's not forget) environmental resources it is...!

    Sustainability policies, anyone?

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