Social media not widely accepted as a recruitment tool

by Iain Hopkins07 Mar 2013

Despite the social media boom, employers are not actively using social media to recruit and manage job applicants.

That's the finding of a new survey which found just 46% of employers use social media to recruit, and most of them use corporate websites (89%) and job boards (82%) as recruitment tools.

Out of this 46%, LinkedIn ranked highest as the most popular platform, with 78% choosing it as their weapon of choice. Other popular platforms include Twitter (48%), Facebook (37%), and YouTube (10%). Moreover, recruitment using social media was mainly self-managed by the employer, with 82% usually managing the process themselves.

Employers viewed social media as a useful tool for increasing the organisation’s reach to a wide range of candidates, with 60% generally agreeing that it was fairly effective. Results also showed that social media was used at the early candidate-attraction stage of recruitment rather than managing applications: 50% used social media platforms to advertise jobs, and only seven percent used social media to screen the suitability of potential recruits on their social networking pages.

The 2013 XpertHR survey on using digital recruitment gathered responses from 138 employers from various industries.


  • by Catherine Moores 8/03/2013 10:04:36 AM

    Interesting article - I am surprised as much as 54% of companies aren't using social media. I wonder if this is because they don't see the value? already have effective recruitment solutions in place or simply don't know where to start?

  • by Steve Heather - Mining People International Perth 8/03/2013 1:23:40 PM

    Or perhaps it is because SM is a reasonable medium by which to get your brand out there, but when it comes to managing genuine applications through subsequent processes that other CRM specific platforms are moving faster in terms of their specific functionality. Steve Heather - Mining People International Perth Western Australia

  • by Roxanne Zolin 10/03/2013 7:01:27 AM

    I checked out the survey and although they do not let you read the report it was probably done in the UK and it is not possible to get an accurate measure of usage with only 138 responses. It would take about 300 responses to be 90% confident that the real percentage was +/- 10 % from their reported 54%. Hence instead of 54% the true average could be as low as 34% or as high as 74% because they have not surveyed enough companies.

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