Should HR recruit through video conferencing?

by Cameron Edmond06 Feb 2014
Video conferencing can aid HR in the areas of recruitment, training, and meetings, a report from video conferencing firm Blue Jeans asserts.

While the use of video conferencing to help speed up the recruitment process is well known, a study from the Montage Talent Candidate Report found that 97% of job candidates felt organisations who utilised video interviewing were more innovative and forward thinking.

Blue Jeans’ report also added that video conferencing could be used for training sessions. However, they then went on to equate video conferencing with face-to-face training, despite clear differences in the two. breaks down the disadvantages of video conferencing and highlights the facts that people communicate non-verbally. While video conferencing is certainly a useful tool, it does not replace physical presence.

Disadvantages associated with video conferencing, including the stability of the connections, have also been highlighted by Even with the more high-end systems, technology can fail – be it the conferencing software, the computer’s hardware, or other factors. This can render a meeting obsolete.

Blue Jeans also encourages the discussion of sensitive and private information within an organisation through video conferencing. While video conferencing is more secure perhaps than email, it should not be seen as full proof. Corporate tech site No Jitter stated that video conferencing ‘can be’ very secure, but the security level will depend on equipment in use, the settings within the equipment, the network and the call settings itself.

While many video conferencing systems released more recently contain a high level of encryption, as the old adage goes, anything that can be encrypted can be broken.

Do you use video conferencing as part of your HR function? Would you trust it for replacing face-to-face training or dealing with sensitive information? Why/why not?


  • by Spark Hire 7/02/2014 8:06:22 AM

    Very insightful post, Cameron. The growing popularity of video interviews is very exciting and all of us here at Spark Hire are happy to be a part of it! The sharing of sensitive information is tricky no matter what technology is being used. If it must be done through video, it is important to ensure that you are on a secure Internet connection that can only be accessed by those with the password.

    Furthermore, at Spark Hire we don’t believe that video interviews should replace face-to-face interviews -- it’s extremely necessary to meet someone in person before extending a job offer to them. However, video interviews a great tool for getting to that step of the hiring process faster. Technology, if used properly, can be a very powerful tool for employers so it is crucial that they take advantage of the resources so readily available to them. Utilizing video interviews will lead to time and money being saved and great hires being made! We actually released a free whitepaper recently entitled, “The 2014 Forecast for Video Interviewing”, that I think is relevant here:

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