Retailer under fire for ‘duties’ in job ad

by Chloe Taylor09 Jul 2015
Australian fashion retailer Lorna Jane received backlash from social media users earlier this week after posting an advertisement on Seek, Australia’s leading jobs website.

The post opened somewhat generically, detailing the company’s values and introducing prospective candidates to the brand. 

However, there was one aspect of the self-proclaimed ‘DREAM JOB’ that didn’t sit well with jobseekers: the highly-specific body measurements.

Soon after posting the ad, Lorna Jane removed it from Seek – but the company claims that this has more to do with not wanting to disappoint too many respondents than the social media backlash.


  • by Jo W 9/07/2015 12:14:28 PM

    Fit models need to be a particular size and shape. By definition, the clothes need to fit them. HOWEVER, I can't see how bust size would fit the "inherent requirements of the role" test for answering and making calls, sorting mail and other duties of a receptionist.

    I appreciate from other media coverage that Lorna Jane were trying to combine two roles into one to increase the value of the incumbent's contribution to the business. However, the lesson learnt from this, I hope, is that not every job combination is appropriate.

  • by Ellen 10/07/2015 2:23:42 PM

    I always find it interesting/entertaining how employers try and cover their discrimination. Why do 'fit models' need to be in a small, don't medium and large women buy exercise gear?

    This is apalling behaviour from a business who purports to support women to be active and healthy - but really just the small ones please.

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