One in ten dream of working at Google

by 01 Nov 2010

Three quarters of Australians and New Zealanders dream of working somewhere else, with one in ten aspiring to work for Google, according to new research.

The top 10 Dream Employers as voted by the public are Google, Virgin Group/Richard Branson, Self, Apple, Qantas, The Walt Disney Company, OMD, Sydney Water, Getaway and Coca Cola.

As James Garriock, CEO of Insync Surveys explains, getting hired by Google might be unlikely, but the findings demonstrate just how effective its employer branding has become.

“At the current job vacancy rate, it is going to take about 11,000 years for them all to get a job at Google. But the bigger question is how Google achieved its desirability when it doesn’t advertise, doesn’t offer glamorous holidays like Qantas, Virgin or Getaway, and doesn’t have sexy products like Apple,”

“From the data we discovered that although many Australians do not currently work for a dream employer, they have very clear ideas on what makes one,” he added.

According to the Dream Employers survey by Insync Surveys and RedBalloon, the top drivers that make a Dream Employer are: brand reputation (41 percent), culture (39 percent) followed by work-life balance (28 percent).

Generous pay or kitsch products and services are not enough to lure employees today, with reward and recognition (27 percent) considered equally as important.

Naomi Simson, Founder and CEO of RedBalloon says, “Brand reputation is how organisations treat their employees. Today, employees hold powerful positions to debunk the myth if an employer brand isn’t living up to its reputation.

“Employers who avoid this are those who make the connection between reward and recognition and creating a powerful culture. Organisations that reward and recognise their employees for living the values create unbreakable cultures that people willingly shout about.”


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