New social network asks “Why?”

by Cameron Edmond08 Jul 2013

YourSocialHustle offers a new platform for professionals to build their own profiles – not selling “what” they do, but “why” they do it.

“Why do they do what they do?” Damien Schulze, co-founder of YourSocialHustle, explained. “If you are in recruitment you are not going to celebrate that you recruit accountants or that you recruit lawyers because there are 10,000 of those out there. So, how do you differentiate yourself in the marketplace? People today buy relationships, and by that people buy your ‘why’.”

“We live in an age where peer-to-peer recommendations across social platforms are more structured than the marketing schemes of yesterday,” Matthew Barker, co-founder of YourSocialHustle, said.

The importance of employer branding is something YourSocialHustle is conscious of, and believe businesses can benefit greatly from their employees showcasing their passion and drive online, and linking it back to the organisation.

The service, which costs $99 a month, provides clients with a domain name, and a template geared around showcasing one’s profession and skills, as well as their passions in life.

Schulze stated that the service they provide helps to corral the “social scatter” that is caused by having a variety of online presences (Facebook, LinkedIn, Wordpress, etc).

Schulze explained the advantage of this is increasing the online profile of an individual by putting all their information in one place, allowing for a fuller picture to be developed.

“We are allowing people to celebrate the message of what makes them brilliant,” Barker said. “Other platforms do not get to the absolute elixir of the person.”

Would you be interested in signing up to YourSocialHustle? Does it offer a benefit, or is it redundant? Tell us what you think of this new service in the comments.


  • by Michael Streets 8/07/2013 4:01:54 PM

    I cant see how this will work, some human nature will put up a barrier that will prevent people from mashing together their personal and professional life.
    Whats interesting and funny to my friends may not go down so well with my boss or work colleagues.

  • by Tania Baker 8/07/2013 5:17:01 PM

    Michael, that's the compelling point of having this new online presence - that you'll be in control of what you communicate about yourself. This new service provides a unique platform for you share with your network what you bring personally to your job. It bridges the gap between Facebook (truly personal profile plus ads, ads and more ads) and LinkedIn (facts & stats plus profile pic, and ads).
    Sure, Your Social Hustle is not going to be for everyone - some people just want to clock in and clock out. But for influencers (and those aspiring to be) who understand the value and benefit of fostering and cultivating real connections, this will be perfect.
    I'll be signing up!

  • by Melissa Jackson 8/07/2013 6:08:06 PM

    I think this is a great idea! I have had YSH for just over a month now and just love it.

    Initally I was reluctant to sign up as I saw it as an egotistical way of showcasing myself however once I saw the benefit of sharing my message with my new and current clients I saw it in a very different light.

    Coming from a professional sales background and having the need to communicate with my existing and potential customers regularly, this platform allows me a reason to communicate what I do and what I know. Not only do my customers get to know me better personally through my regular updates but also professionally through my regular blogs which I write based on topical issues within my industry. It has allowed me to from a deeper relationship with my clients and to be seen as a valued trusted advisor.

    I share my blogs and updates through social media and my customers are always mentioning them when I speak with them. They love it too. I have also had new prospects contact me this way as my blogs have been shared around within social media circles.

    It's not Facebook, it's not linked in but a platform where I can share a little about myself in a professional way. Feel free to check mine out at

    I would highly recommmend signing up.

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