LinkedIn unveils sponsored updates

by Cameron Edmond24 Jul 2013

Through LinkedIn’s new Sponsored Updates, organisations can distribute their content to professionals who they are not connected with directly.

When producing slideshows, articles, videos or other content for LinkedIn, organisations will now have the option of having that information appear on the homepage feeds of members they aren’t connected to, but who fit the profile of those the organisation is targeting.

The posts will be clearly marked as ’sponsored’, and can be interacted with the same way one would interact with a connection’s posts.

LinkedIn boasts 225 million members, and is utilised by these professionals to connect with colleagues, clients and potential candidates.

“In our continued mission to make the world’s professionals more productive and successful, we have invested over the past few years to evolve LinkedIn into the definitive professional publishing platform,” David Hahn, vice president of product management at LinkedIn, said.

By the end of the month, LinkedIn will begin making the service available to all LinkedIn company pages, with promotion available in 20 languages and across 200 countries/territories. Analytics will allow organisations to track their posts.

Currently, companies including Adobe, Telstra, Wall Street Journal and Nissan utilise the Sponsored Updates system.

While this Sponsored Update system may allow HR managers and recruitment specialists greater exposure and greater reach for their social media advertising, employers need to tread carefully so as not to annoy prospective candidates, who then turn away from the organisation.

Additional information on the new updates can be found here.

What do you think of Sponsored Updates? Do you see your organisation utilising them?


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