Lighter side: Ranger fired for dancing?

by Caitlin Nobes27 Jun 2014
Is dancing on the job just cause for dismissal? Tennessee park ranger Deryl Nelson claims he was fired after a complaint from a visitor who posted a video of his moves online.
Nelson, 51, has been working at Coolidge Park for seven years, and drawing attention for his dance moves for the last six years.
"It's all about enjoying what you do and that's the way I feel," Nelson said told a local TV news channel. "[It's] clean fun. It's nothing like doing any bumping and grinding."
However, not everyone agrees. Park visitor Melissa Parsons filmed one of his dance sessions and posted it online.
"As a parent and seeing all the parents that were covering their kids eyes and turning their heads away, it wasn't something you would expect to see in Coolidge Park or anywhere from a grown man, especially a man in uniform," Parsons told "He went all the way to the ground, he came back up from the ground, he was grabbing areas that you would see on a rated R movie."
The raw video of Nelson's dance shows him at one point lying on the ground with his legs folded under his body while he seems to pump his pelvis towards the sky.
Watch the video here and tell us in the comments whether you think it’s work appropriate.


  • by Louise 27/06/2014 11:53:36 AM

    Well that was a complete over-reaction. Maybe suggest he keeps his dancing to after hours, because I don't know if he needed to put on that show at work, but no need to fire him... unless of course, there is more to this than meets the eye. It's not offensive, it's clearly just dancing.

  • by Kate 27/06/2014 12:57:29 PM

    Oh seriously!! People in America need to get a sense of humour ... and a life!! Whilst I appreciate there may be another side to the story (ie the employer's version of events) perhaps a warning not to perform certain moves in the future would have been sufficient. As the mother of a four year old, I would have no problem with him watching those dance moves.

  • by caca 27/06/2014 2:45:35 PM

    Covering their kids eyes? From what?
    This is by far better than seeing the type of stuff in music videos.

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