Lighter side: How did you get to work today?

by Cameron Edmond03 Feb 2014
New research from McCrindle has revealed the most common forms of transport for Australia’s workforce, with close to two-in-three Aussies getting to work via private car, with just 10% relying on public transport.

Across Australia, 6,597,608 commuters drive to work. Trains account for 388,012 commuters, with 377,043 choosing to walk to work. Our bus drivers take 301,187 hardworking Aussies to the office every day, while 21,445 Aussies hop in a truck to head to work.

While cyclists didn’t break into the national top five, 25,595 Melbourne residents ride to work every day.

Although the research provides light-hearted interest, McCrindle drew some interesting analysis from it. The amount of Australians driving to work is up by 0.8% from five years ago – indicating Australians have become ‘less green’ in their commute.

In addition, this solves the mystery of why the motorway is always backed-up at around 9AM...


  • by Mark 3/02/2014 1:16:39 PM

    I wonder how many get to work on their broom.

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