[LIGHTER SIDE] Email failure leads to recruitment chaos

by 03 Mar 2014
When an employment service department sent out email invatations for a upcoming recruitment event, they got a much bigger response than they ever bargained for.

The Sweedish organisation accidentally sent out the email invitation to 61,000 job seekers instead of 1,000, and thousands of eager job seekers turned up on their doorstep hoping to secure a new role.

Things got so bad that eventually police had to be called in to restore order to downtown Stockholm.

Police spokesman Ulf Lindgren said that staff at the job centre alerted police after several thousand people showed up to the event where jobseekers would have a chance to meet with potential employers. He told Reuters that while it was “very crowded” and there were “some upset feelings” no arrests were made.

Clas Olsson, acting director general of the employment service, issued apologies to those affected and his regret over the mishap.

The moral of the story: check and recheck who you are sending emails to.


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