Lighter side: Eight of the most awkward office situations

by Nicola Middlemiss06 Feb 2015
Every office is different and every team has its own dynamic but no matter where you work, some things always stay the same. We’re betting most office dwellers have dealt with these awkward situations at some point and if you haven’t, here are a few things to look forward to: 

When you’re introducing people and you completely forget somebody’s name

At best, this happens when you’ve only just met. You’re so concerned about making a good first impression that you completely forget to remember their name.  It’s embarrassing but everybody’s been there and we all know it.

At worst, you’ve known this person for a while, you’ve worked with them several times and you definitely should know their name. Somehow, your mind just blanks. There’s no excuse but it still happens and we hate it.

When you say goodbye after a meeting and realise you’re both walking in the same direction

It’s happened to us so many times we can’t believe we haven’t learned yet. Just walk the opposite way.

Being in a lift with almost anyone

What is it about elevators that suck the life out of everyone stood inside?

When you make a big fuss about a problem you’re having with technology and then it suddenly works properly for someone else

It’s frustrating, we know. Just ask for help before you get frustrated - that way if it doesn’t work for two people and works for the third, you’ve pulled someone else into the embarrassment boat with you. Not so lonely now, right?

When you complain that your food always goes missing from the fridge and realise too late that you didn’t bring it/already ate it

Keep up the pretense - nobody will ever know. If you’re lucky, someone might offer up something good out of pity.

When you’re on a conference call and it’s like the worst date you ever had

You both try to speak at the same time, you go silent at the same time and the slight delay means any comedic timing is completely lost. Get us out of there.

When you accidentally fall asleep at your desk

It might be because you stayed up late watching trashy TV or you might be in the midst of the dreaded post-food fatigue. Whatever it is, the way your head keeps bobbing is kind of cute but also very awkward.

When three people go in for a handshake at the same time

Cue awkward, almost high-fives and hovering hands. So awkward you almost have to shake it off.


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