Lighter side: Deleting emails for peaceful holidays

by Janie Smith15 Aug 2014
How often do you go on holiday, only to find yourself constantly responding to work emails to keep your inbox from overflowing?

German car manufacturer Daimler decided to give its 100,000 employees the option to have a proper holiday by choosing to have all new emails immediately deleted while they are away, the Daily Mail reported.

The system, called Mail on Holiday, involves senders being notified that the employee is away and their email has not been received.

The notification also includes a substitute contact for the sender to try.

“Our employees should relax on holiday and not read work-related emails,” Daimler board member Wilfried Porth told the Financial Times.

“With Mail on Holiday, they start back after the holidays with a clean desk. There is no traffic jam in their inbox. That is an emotional relief.”

Staff can choose whether or not to use the system.

Would a system like this work for your organisation?


  • by Sarah 15/08/2014 1:36:51 PM

    I think this is a great idea - I just wonder how many people would elect not to take the idea up for fear they might 'miss something important' whilst they're away. I'm certainly not one of those people but I have a few colleagues who find it so hard to 'switch off' at all that I think would struggle with this concept. Great initiative - I hope it takes off so people can practice the art of truly switching off!

  • by Deb 18/08/2014 12:38:35 PM

    Why not just stop emails from going to their phones while they are away? In our system you just change the password and they no longer go through. Deleting emails seems dangerous

  • by MM 18/08/2014 3:30:58 PM

    Coming back from a week of leave to 300 unread emails is no fun (or to over 1000 when I had to have 3 weeks off after an operation).
    While I do worry that something important would be missed (e.g. I can't see a Government Department resending emails to someone else in the workplace), it would be really good if employers could (just like the old days) actually have someone do my work while I was away.

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