Lighter side: Blogger fired for a homophone?

by Human Capital08 Aug 2014
A Utah man is claiming he was fired because his boss thought the word "homophone" was related to homosexuality.

Tim Torkildson, a former teacher and social media manager at Nomen Global Language Center, wrote a blog post about homophones – words that sound the same but have different meanings – for the centre's website.

Torkildson claims he was fired because the school owner Clarke Woodger was concerned that English language learners would assume the word "homophone" was related to homosexuality.

On his personal blog, Torkildson quoted Woodger as saying: “I’m letting you go because I can’t trust you. This blog about homophones was the last straw. Now our school is going to be associated with homosexuality.”

The post has since been deleted from the school website.

Woodger denied to the Tribune that his concern over Torkildson’s work centred on homosexuality, but that Torkildson would go off on confusing and sometimes offensive “tangents” in his posts for the school.


  • by Howard Whitton 9/08/2014 11:47:32 AM

    This reminds me of the (US) municipal offical who lost his job over his (perfectly correct) use of the word 'niggardly'... which some ignoramus assumed had to do with racism. He sued...

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