Lest we forget: A moment of silence in the workplace

by Chloe Taylor11 Nov 2014
People around the globe will pause today to acknowledge the service of war veterans. Many employers will observe a customary minute or two of silence.

Soldier On, the support group for Australian veterans has said that Australians should pause today for two minutes of silence.

"[Australians should pause] to remember those who have come back and unfortunately succumbed to their wounds," Soldier On’s founder, John Bale, told ABC news Australia.

Bale added that participation in the silence is particularly important this year because of the centenary of the outbreak of World War One, which he said is “an important time in our history.”

During the course of the First World War, approximately 420,000 Australians were enlisted for service – 38.7% of the male population aged 18-44. Of those, around 62,000 were killed.

The 11th of November marks the anniversary of the signing of a peace treaty at the end of the war. 


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