HR salaries around the world: How does OZ compare?

by Tammy Buckley01 Apr 2014
Salaries vary from city to city and country to country but just how much is your job worth outside of Australia? Drawing on figures from recruitment firm Robert Walters 2014 Global Salary Survey HC has done the calculations to find out just how much on average HR directors are worth around the globe.

Firstly in Australia Sydney is tops with an average pay range of AU$200-300,000, followed by Brisbane where HR directors can command between AU$200-250,000, while those in Melbourne earn between AU$180-220,000.

Across the ditch in New Zealand HR directors in Auckland can earn a salary between $150-250,000 (AU$140-233,000) annually while their counterparts in Wellington can draw in between $150-280,000 (AU$140-261,000).

But further afield the salaries vary from city to city, with Beijing coming in tops and Ho Chi Minh last.

HR directors working in commerce can command between £85-160,000 (AU$152-287,000) while those within financial services can pull in between £100-220,000 (AU$179-395,000).

If you are a HR director with more than eight years’ experience you can expect to earn between €80-250k in the city of love, that’s $118-371,000 in Aussie dollars.

If you’re considering a posting to Beijing you can expect a salary of CNY1.5-2.5 million, changed into AUS currency that’s an annual salary of between $260 -433,000.

The annual salary may be a little lower compared to Beijing but HR directors here can still command an impressive CNY1.2-1.8 million salary (AU$208-312,000).

HR director in this Japanese city command a similar salary to those in New Zealand with the annual salary of between ¥12-18 million converting to AU$125-188,000.

Kuala Lumpur
In the Malaysian capital city HR directors with five to 10 years experiences earn between MYR216-290k (AU$71-95,000), while those with more than 10 years’ experience can expect to bring in between MYR290-480k (AU$95-158,000).

Taking on an HR director role in the capital city of South Korea would come with an annual salary of between KRW110-150 million plus or in AUS dollars that’s between $111-151,000).

Ho Chi Minh City
In this Vietnamese city the annual salary on offer to HR directors is between US$72-120,000 (AU$77-129,000).

South Africa
In South Africa the annual salary for the role is between ZAR900,000 to 1.2 million (AU$92-122,000).

HR directors can command an impressive basic salary of €120-250k – in Australian dollars that is $178-371,000.


  • by caca 3/04/2014 10:32:47 AM

    I'm surprised US salaries werent included.

  • by Dobbie 3/04/2014 3:17:20 PM

    I too was surprised that USA HR salaries weren't mentioned. However, looking at the survey it appears Robert Walters didn't include HR salaries in the world's largest economy, yet they did for many other countries.
    Strange decision. I gather HR Directors of large US companies can earn $1m+

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