How Queensland Airport uses big data

by HRD19 Jun 2018

In the digital age, HR professionals face a huge challenge in dealing with data – its size, quality and, importantly, the insights beneath all of it.

Queensland Airport has harnessed the power of data to gain insights into its customers and employees. In fact, it draws on multiple data sources to help it enhance its customer and employee experience.

In this case study at the upcoming HR Tech Summit in Sydney, Beau Tydd, General Manager Technology and Innovation, and Leith Wiblen, General Manager People and Culture, Queensland Airports will explain how to link employee data with client and financial data; and how to use data to understand customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX).

In addition, they will share how data can be used to track people through their employment journey; and even use it to predict the future.

This one-day event will allow attendees to explore the latest in HR technology and how they can be applied to their organisations. See what else is on the agenda.

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The HR Tech Summit Sydney will be held at the Westin Sydney on Wednesday 19 September.



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