How one company is enhancing strategic decision-making

by John Hilton09 Apr 2018

Data and metrics are invaluable to HR because they are used to accurately assess business outcomes, to diagnose problems and benchmark performance, according to Kelly McKenzie, general manager - people & performance at CBH Group.

HR leaders need to understand these challenges and offer people related solutions that are tangible and measurable -  and data can help us to do that, McKenzie told HRD.

So what are the biggest challenges that HR professionals face when using metrics to enhance strategic decision-making?

“I think it’s understanding where to start and when to ask for help,” said McKenzie.

“We all have a lot of data but analysing everything doesn’t add value and is an unproductive use of resources.

“Think about the business challenges you face, think about the data you actually have and talk to analysts in your team or network to explain the problem you’re trying to solve and get their advice on how to approach it.”

McKenzie will be speaking at the upcoming HR Summit in Perth on the topic of ‘Using metrics to enhance strategic decision-making’.

She told HRD that most organisations have similar challenges from a people perspective.

“These events provides a forum to hear from colleagues how they’ve successfully overcome challenges and capitalised on opportunities to improve business outcomes and more effectively attract, retain and develop talent,” said McKenzie.

“You can hear about what’s worked, what hasn’t and get an understanding of how to take these initiatives back to your own environment and have a positive impact.”

If McKenzie could give one piece of advice relating to metrics and decision-making what would it be?

“Start with the one thing, keep it simple and make sure it’s aligned with business outcomes.”

Kelly McKenzie will be speaking at the upcoming HR Summit in Perth.




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