How employee benefits can enhance your EVP

by HRD15 Jun 2018

Innovative HR teams across Australia are increasingly looking for cost-effective employee benefits programs.

Employee discount programs are one way to bring a unique employee benefits program to employees, without the expense of a company wide pay rise.

HRD will explore some creative solutions in a webinar on 27 June at 12:30pm, co-hosted by Reward Gateway.

HRD news editor John Hilton and Reward Gateway’s Kylie Green will be joined by Accenture human resources lead, Randy Wandmacher.

The webinar, Create a cost-effective high-impact benefits program, will show you how the right benefits can raise employees’ bottom line and help employers gain a competitive edge. Wandmacher will share how he created a low-cost, high-impact benefits program to support employees at Accenture.

Viewers will learn about improving engagement and see an example of a benefit that boosts disposable income by 3-10% while providing impressive ROI to the organisation.

Registration is free for HRD readers. The webinar will be held on Wednesday 27 June at 12.30pm AEST.


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